good cause

good cause
Term generally means a substantial reason amounting in law to a legal excuse for failing to perform an act required by law. People v. Gillett, Colo., 629 P.2d 613, 618.
Legally sufficient ground or reason. Phrase "good cause" depends upon circumstances of individual case, and finding of its existence lies largely in discretion of officer or court to which decision is committed. Wilson v. Morris, Mo., 369 S.W.2d 402, 407.
It is a relative and highly abstract term, and its meaning must be determined not only by verbal context of statute in which term is employed but also by context of action and procedures involved in type of case presented. Wray v. Folsom, D.C.Ark., 166 F.Supp. 390, 394, 395.
See also probable cause.
Alimony modification.
"Good cause" for modification or revocation of orders for alimony means material and substantial change in circumstances and depends upon circumstances of individual case. Creager v. Creager, 219 Neb. 760, 366 N.W.2d 414, 416.
"Good cause" for discovery is present if information sought is material to moving party's trial preparation. Daniels v. Allen Industries, Inc., 391 Mich. 398, 216 N.W.2d 762, 766.
Such requirement for discovery and production of documents is ordinarily satisfied by a factual allegation showing that requested documents are necessary to establishment of the movant's claim or that denial of production would cause moving party hardship or injustice. Black v. Sheraton Corp. of America, D.C.D.C., 47 F.R.D. 263, 273.
Under a 1970 amendment to Fed.R.Civil P. 34, however, "good cause" is no longer required to be shown for production of documents and things. Federal Rule 35(a) does, however, require that "good cause" be shown for order requiring physical or mental examination, as does Rule 26(c) for protective orders to restrict scope of discovery.
Unemployment compensation.
"Good cause" for leaving employment, so as not to render one ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits, must be objectively related to the employment and be such cause as would compel a reasonably prudent person to quit under similar circumstances. Garrelts v. Employment Division, 21 Or.App. 437, 535 P.2d 115, 116

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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